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• engaging and empowering teams with better practices in the industry

• approved trainer by Lean Construction Institute

• custom project management training for engineering teams using lean thinking


Custom management training for teams:

  1. Lean Project Management 

  2. Introduction to Lean for Engineering Firms

  3. Introduction to Lean for Architecture Firms

  4. Lean Friendly Specifications

  5. Lean Construction for the Design Professionals - Construction Phase

  6. Lean for Design Professionals - "Start Behind the Curtain"

  7. Continuous Improvement - WHERE TO START


 Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Improved Trainer:  

  1. Intro to Last Planner® System  (option for AIA CES)

  2. Intro to Lean Project Delivery  (registered with AIA CES)

  3. Intro to Lean in Design Phase  (registered with AIA CES)

  4. Intro to Last Planner® System in Design  (option for AIA CES)

  5. Business Case for Lean  (registered with AIA CES)

Engaging and empowering teams with better practices in the industry.

Kata Consulting is a. . . 

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Corporate Member | Consultant Partner | Approved Instructor