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Kata Management Consulting

Customized services for architectural and engineering groups to improve their workplace / productivity / team work:​

  • Staff engagement and retention

  • Individual development plans

  • Study-action groups

  • Metrics that motivate

  • Rapid improvement initiatives

  • Champion program implementation

  • Traction building for sustainable change

  • Accelerated development of next managers

  • Enhancing manager's toolbox

  • Project management training

        (customized to leverage the best of your current program)​

  • Adapting to the changing workforce

  • Prioritizing improvement initiatives

  • Design & Construction partner harmonization

  • Set-based design methodologies

  • Lean training and development

  • Strategic planning for managing 

        (1 yr, 2 yr, 5 yr path planning)

Options for work arrangements:

  • Training sessions

  • Coaching for teams

  • Coaching for managers

  • Interim manager to fill gaps in leadership staff during your search period

  • Temporary change management catalyst

  • Short term management support for your team at intensity to fit your needs

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