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Protect your investment in your people. . . 

Kata Consulting helps AEC teams towards realizing the full potential of their leaders and their company's very important improvement goals.  Don't leave your managers to figure it out on their own.  Get a coach who knows your business and can help them be more successful.

Talent burnout and disengagement are on the rise in our industry.

Bad managers, work overload, and lack of structure are just some of the top reason pepeople are leaving their jobs and the industry.

80% of managers are promoted with little or no training.

60% of them will fail within the first 24 months in their new role.   

(according to research from CEB Global)

We can all do better.

Let us help.

Kata Consulting has a number of coaches available to work with you or your leadership team.  Please inquire to find out if we could be a good fit for your team.

Terri Erickson, PE, SE, EMEM

Managing Principal - Kata Consulting

Management Coaching / Operations Coaching (AEC Industry)

• augment your talented manager's skillset and mindset

• private conversations to explore your manager's current approaches and suggest new ideas

• custom solutions and ideas tailored to meet your business right where it is at

• stimulating ideas in your managers with an analytical and systematic approach

• extending your talented and creative manager with even more options for their toolbox

• using digital / visual tools so that we can interact both synchronously and asynchronously

• supporting, encouraging, and recharging managers in order to expedite their development

• explore the important relevant concepts taught in grad school without going to grad school

• learn new ideas for facilitating and organizing teams both digitally and in-person

Flexible and affordable pricing.  Pay as you go.

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