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Kata Consulting LLC is working to improve the delivery process of construction projects and the teams who deliver them using lean and continuous improvement thinking.   


We are a consulting firm, contractor, or fractional worker. . .  bottom line, we are an extension of your team without the full-time, long-term commitment.   

Getting started on a change initiative or maintaining momentum can be difficult and draining.  We provide that catalyst, extra energy, unbiased perspective, and accountability that your team needs to meet your business goals.


Terri Erickson SE

Managing Principal

Terri Erickson is a licensed structural engineer with over 24 years of solid experience in the design and construction industry. 


She has been implementing Lean Methodologies for over 8 years, with an analytical eye for eliminating waste, leveling flow, and maximizing value. 

Terri spent four years working for a global manufacturing company traveling the world and developing a unique perspective on continuous improvement and operations management.


She is passionate about driving value and increasing profits through continuous improvement, process efficiency, visual management, and maximizing team potential and happiness.


Terri Erickson

  • PE (MN) – Licensed Professional Engineer (Minnesota Board of Engineering)

  • SE – Licensed Structural Engineer (National Council of Structural Engineers Association)

  • CM-Lean – Certificate of Management-Lean Construction Credential (Associated General Contractors of America)

  • MEM – Masters of Engineering Management

  • CDT – Construction Documents Technology Certification (Construction Specification Institute)

  • KMP – Certified Kanban Management Profession (Lean Kanban University)

  • LCI Approved Instructor – Lean Construction Institute

  • CM-Lean Approved Instructor - Associated General Contractors of America

  • CSM – Certified Scrum Master – Scrum Alliance


Kata Consulting uses systematic thinking with deliberate practice to help companies “improve how you improve”. 


Your point of contact will start with Terri Erickson, PE  - managing principal.  After an initial conversation to understand your objectives and understand the opportunities within your business, we develop potential next steps together. 


We are transparent about fees and provide optional tracks for your team's progress, supporting rapid break-through improvements or small continuous improvement changes. 


Our best work is done when we roll up our sleeves and work as an extension of your organization in order to understand the subtle and unique strengths of your most valuable assets - your team.   


We have deep empathy for both leaders and team members working in the industry.  We seek to understand the root causes in order to motivate positive behavior from all team members.


We work in a careful, creative, visual, and engaging way.  We insist on providing transparency with no surprises.  


We believe strongly in the philosophy of meeting everyone where they are at and working with them to improve and implement strategies that support the goals and objectives of the overall team.

Your organization should not be treated as a one-size fits all for improvement efforts.  Instead, Kata Consulting comes to you equipped with a large toolbox of resources and approaches to tackle whatever your goals are.

We approach change and improvement like surgery.  It must be done thoughtfully and carefully in order to preserve the good parts of your people and process that surround the change.

When more depth and breadth is required to meet the challenges of your team we assess options together and find the specialist that is right for you.  Before spending a lot of money on top paid industry consultants, your work with Kata Consulting is the pre-planning phase so you can approach that large investment wisely.


We maintain the highest of confidentiality for your company and project.  Especially related to the unique challenges that your team faces.

Kata Consulting is a. . . 

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Corporate Member | Consultant Partner | Approved Instructor


Kata Consulting is an Approved Instructor for. . . 

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Ever had loss of traction on an expensive change initiative?

Kata Consulting helps your team towards realizing the full potential of your past improvement investments.

Kata - helping to realize the investment

Are you Lean Ready?

Kata Consulting works with your team to develop and execute a path for Lean Readiness - that fits your unique company.