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Lean in Design & Construction. . . working to transform the delivery of projects and the teams who deliver them.

Navigating the terrain of Lean Design & Construction can be time consuming, costly, and unpredictable.

Let us be your continuous improvement "Guardian Angel". . . helping you quickly develop a plan to move forward. . . starting where your team is at, taking one step at a time, and moving at the pace that fits your team.

We help you develop the "road map" and implement your improvement or Lean implementation.


bringing the most value to clients by:

  • LAYING the foundation

  • EMBRACING the designers

  • APPLYING the science

  • UNIFYING the strategy

  • VISUALIZING the process

  • SIMPLIFYING the work

  • ENGAGING the team

  • ENCOURAGING the managers

  • ACCELERATING the delivery

  • ENHANCING the productivity

  • LEVELING the flow

  • STABILIZING the change

Kata Consulting is a. . . 

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Corporate Member | Consultant Partner | Approved Instructor