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Services for Engineers

• Quality Management Program Improvements

• Introduction and Training - Lean Project Delivery

• Productivity and Efficiency Enhancements

• Lean Project Management Program Implementation 

• Lean in Design (design thinking/agile/lean integration)

• Set-Based Design Implementation

• Lean Transformation Coaching 

• Process Mapping / Process Improvements

• Break-through and Continuous Improvements (improving how you improve)

• Study Action Training

• Development and Coaching of your Internal Quality Management Champions

• Standard Work Development or Adjustments

• Visual Management

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Corporate Member | Consultant Partner | Approved Instructor

Custom Management Consulting

Developing your leadership team with:​

  • Staff engagement and retention

  • Individual development plans

  • Metrics that motivate

  • Rapid improvement initiatives

  • Champion program implementation

  • Accelerated development of next managers

  • Enhancing manager's toolbox

  • Adapting to the changing workforce

  • Prioritizing improvement initiatives

  • Strategic planning for managing 

        (1 yr, 2 yr, 5 yr path planning)

Options for work arrangements:

  • Training sessions

  • Coaching for teams

  • Coaching for managers

  • Interim manager to fill gaps in leadership staff during your search period

  • Temporary change management catalyst

  • Short term management support for your team at fractional intensity to fit your needs

Are you Lean Ready?

Kata Consulting works with your team to develop and execute a path for Lean Readiness - that fits your unique company.


Do your metrics motivate?

Kata Consulting works with your team to assess existing metrics and implement new metrics that motivate and matter.

Goldratt Quote - Tell me how you will me

Small to Mid-sized firms - Consider a Fractional Engineering Manager:​

Is it hard to move your organization's engineering team ahead when your engineering managers struggle to find the time to manage?  With the shortage of skilled engineers in the market, your engineering manager is likely doing more engineering than managing these days.  Additionally, do your engineering managers find joy in the practice of organizing a high-functioning, empowered, engaged, and satisfied team?

If your company is ready to take your engineering team to the next level and you could use a fully equipped catalyst for rapid improvement without a long-term relationship and a full-time role. . . .consider experimenting with a fractional engineering manager - through Kata Consulting. 


Keep all your current leaders on their current tasks, projects, and most importantly on their current development and advancement tracks, while leveraging all the benefits of an experienced engineering manager seasoned in rapid improvement for sustainable change. 


As your "fractional manager", we can be a catalyst for change while creating a roadmap for developing your team to the next level.  We will join your group, work alongside your team leads, develop an understanding of your team and business goals, introduce new management thinking and strategies, propose options for improvement, develop the roadmap with your leaders, initiate the improvement, train your leaders to take over, then step aside.


Don’t think of us as a management consultant, but as a "ready-to-go" part of your team for a defined period of time and for a fraction of the cost of a traditional engineering manager.

Other industries are doing it. . .  why not ours?  learn more about Fractional Executives

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