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Corporate Member | Consultant Partner | Approved Instructor

• Lean Navigator 

• Identifying the starting points - 

• Determining what tools and Lean services to use

• Maximizing buy-in from your team

• Developing a Lean road map

• Creating pilot projects to prototype and fan out in your organization

Lean Training​

• Introduction and Training of Lean Construction (Current Better Practices in the Industry)

• Lean for Trade Partners - (working with your Trade Partners so they show up READY and PREPARED)

• Last Planner® System Integration with Architects and Engineers - (in a way that brings out the best in them)

• Supplier Lean Validation and Lean Capability Study​

• Lean Transformation Coaching at any phase of your Lean Journey

• Lean in "Design Phase" (Preconstruction)

• Lean in the "Office"

• Process Mapping

• Value Stream Mapping

• Visual Management

• Focusing the team on FLOW.

• Promoting Invested and Engaged Behavior

Services for Construction Managers / General Contractors

Ever had loss of traction on an expensive change initiative?

Kata Consulting helps your team towards realizing the full potential of your past improvement investments.

Are you Lean Ready?

Kata Consulting works with your team to develop and execute a path for Lean Readiness - that fits your unique company.

Kata - helping to realize the investment

Small to Mid-sized companies - Consider a Fractional Lean Manager:​

Would you like to begin including aspects of Lean Construction into your organization, but do not have the ability to hire a full time Lean Manager?

You could send a valuable employee off to training to get familiar with the basics of lean.  This may or may not work.


Kata Consulting offers another approach. . . embed a Lean Leader within your organization for a short term period on a fractional basis so your whole team can learn at the same time.


Keep all your current leaders on their current tasks, projects, and most importantly on their current development and advancement tracks, while leveraging all the benefits of an experienced Lean Manager seasoned in rapid improvement for sustainable change. 


As your "fractional manager", we can be a catalyst for change while creating a roadmap for developing your team to the next level. 


  1. We will join your group

  2. work alongside your team 

  3. develop an understanding of your team and business goals

  4. introduce new management thinking and strategies

  5. work with you on improvement ideas

  6. develop a Lean roadmap with your leaders

  7. initiate the improvement

  8. train your leaders to take over

  9. then MOST IMPORTANTLY step aside


Don’t think of us as a consultant, but as a "ready-to-go" part of your team for a defined period of time and for a fraction of the cost and commitment of a full salaried employee.

Other industries are doing it. . .  why not ours?    learn more about Fractional Executives

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