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Corporate Member | Consultant Partner | Approved Instructor

Lean / Management Training​

• Lean Navigator and Team Integrator

• Productivity and Efficiency Enhancements

• Lean Readiness Assessments and Development

• Lean Project Management Program Implementation 

• Last Planner® System for Design​

• Management Consulting

• Lean in Design (design thinking/agile/lean integration)

• Scrum and Kanban Implementation

• Set-Based Design Implementation

• Lean Transformation Coaching 

• Visual Management

• Process Mapping / Process Improvements

• Break-through and Continuous Improvements (improving how you improve)

• Study Action Training

• Development and Coaching of your Internal Lean Champions

• Owner Partners - Lean Implementation

• Consulting Partners - Lean Implementation

• Standard Work Development or Adjustments

Services for Architects

Are you Lean Ready?

Kata Consulting works with your team to develop and execute a path for Lean Readiness - that fits your unique company.


Custom Management Consulting

Developing your leadership team with:​

  • Individual development plans

  • Study-action groups

  • Metrics that motivate

  • Rapid improvement initiatives

  • Champion program implementation

  • Enhancing manager's toolbox

  • Prioritizing improvement initiatives

  • Developing your team leads and manager


Options for work arrangements:

  • Training sessions

  • Coaching for teams

  • Coaching for managers

Do your metrics motivate?

Kata Consulting works with your team to assess existing metrics and implement new metrics that motivate and matter.

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